Grim Reaper – Hallowe’en is here

The Grim Reaper – Not a reference to Halloween – cheesy we know – but a reference to the barley harvest. We met the lovely Rebecca Hill of North West Farm yesterday morning and she confirmed what the Maltsters are saying. It’s a grim harvest this year; Yields are 20% down and the tricky nitrogen content is at a high not seen since the early 1970s, bad news for hazy beer.

2012 will most certainly sort out the wheat from the chaff as a myriad of breweries wrestle with limited malt supply and the technical abilities to avoid crazy hazy beer. Don’t worry – Sunny Republic is on it and the Pacific Pales will be as bright as a daisy.

Cuter than the mad Natters but not something you would want to wake up next to unless you're Nemi

On another topical note and just in time for the ghoulish festivities we met Arnold yesterday. Not a natter bat but one of Sunny Republic brewery’s residents nonetheless.

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You gotta be in it to win it!

About Sunny Republic Brewing

Sunny Republic Brewing Company has one simple mission – harness the best the land has to offer, make great beer, live life to the best of our ability and then chill-out, preferably with a cold one.
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