Concrete Mole Hill

No one knows how it happened. We’re not even sure how we’ll fix it. But it did happen………     a concrete mole hill has appeared in the brewery floor!

The evidence your Honour – an unexplained bump


One's got to grind it, one's got to work on it, one's going to charge for it and one's got to pay for it. Guess which is the Chief?

As you can see from the photo, when things haven’t quite gone to plan, blokes do what blokes do best – stuff their hands in their pockets and contemplate the issue…..and secretly hope that if they stare hard enough at the spirit level, the problem might just go away.

Poor old Big Al has some grinding to do and The Chief needs to call the bank manager ‘cos he needs to spend a tad more on that incoming resin floor. 

Probably best not mentioned again!

 …However, that doesn’t stop you lot signing up for Facebook and Twitter so you can be in the free draw to be amongst the first to visit and imbibe. So ad libbing the words of a troubled artist: “If you gonna do it, do it right, right, do it with us”. Do it now in fact”


About Sunny Republic Brewing

Sunny Republic Brewing Company has one simple mission – harness the best the land has to offer, make great beer, live life to the best of our ability and then chill-out, preferably with a cold one.
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