CSI Miami vs. Cluedo

Miss Scarlet with Lead pipe in the Library!

One could think that the blue markings on the visitor suite floor are either from a large Cluedo Board or an intricate crime scene (Yeah! The Chief’s money disappearing! – Ed) and that the blonde lady in her CSI overalls are confirmation that a mischief has been committed. But no! The blue markings are actually the floor plan for our kitchen, entrance lobby and visitor suite.

CSI Becs hard at work with the finger print brush

And Lady CSI? That’s our multi-skilled landlady, Rebecca Hill of North West Farm. Who could ever say that farmers are an extravagant bunch! Why pay anyone to apply a damp-proof membrane when you can do it yourself eh Becs?

Getting close to birthday now – under 3 months to go. If you want to be in the draw to be the first to visit the brewery and taste the inaugural beers you’d better get following at Twitter and Facebook.

Now that would be a crime not to!


About Sunny Republic Brewing

Sunny Republic Brewing Company has one simple mission – harness the best the land has to offer, make great beer, live life to the best of our ability and then chill-out, preferably with a cold one.
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