Down and Out

Steel down. Sunny people out on the Town!

We finally got the last brewing vessels down and in place and we went out and hit the town on Friday night.

Malcolm's run about simultaneously parked outside Burton Townhall and the brewery at 08:31

The manufacturer’s MD, Malcolm said the vessels would be with us late morning so when we discovered they had left Burton-upon-Trent at 08:30 we were rather looking forward to seeing Malcolm’s DeLorean. More alarmingly was the fact that the low loader didn’t have a crane on to help lift the huge whopper that is our Cold Liquor Tank (CLT). No need to worry, as Big Al turned up in one of his Tonka toys.

Big Al to the rescue

With the CLT gingerly lifted off the truck bed and erected, it just left the minor task of getting it to the back door – whereupon we found it wouldn’t fit! (I went to the pub at this point – it was all too much! Ed!).

Tighter than Freddie Mercury's trousers

Like a rat up a pipe, Bob the Brewer (relation to the Builder? Ed!) scaled the ladders and dismantled the top hatch. Followed by some careful forklift driving by The Chief, a few shunts, some wiped out emergency lighting and we were in.

Three hours later and all the main vessels were levelled, polished and in place. Roll on the stainless steel welders to install all the transfer piping.


The 40-barrel beast is tamed!


We are only 2-3 weeks away from brewing now and will call the winners as soon as the boiler is commissioned and supplying steam. SO there’s still chance to be in the free draw to be first at the brewery – just follow on Facebook/Twitter and Lady Luck will do the rest.


About Sunny Republic Brewing

Sunny Republic Brewing Company has one simple mission – harness the best the land has to offer, make great beer, live life to the best of our ability and then chill-out, preferably with a cold one.
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