A World’s First – Hibiscus Red Ale from the Heart of the Sun

As the badge suggests – one for kicking back with!

We’ve cracked it!

This week we are launching the world’s first Hibiscus Ale.

A beautifully red hued ale with fruit and berry aromas. We know of only two breweries before (S.America and Australia) that have blended beer with Hibiscus juice but no one has ever brewed with it (probably because its flipping expensive – Ed!) More often seen in fancy champagne, we decided it was time to let the beer boys and girls have a taste of it.

We made a cracking malt base using Pale Malt, Roasted Wheat, Munich Malt, Dark Crystal and Chocolate Malt then added a range of hops throughout the boil – including Motueka (for which we hold the UK contract), Willamette and good old English Brambling Cross. Lots of blackberries and citrus fruits in the nose. 

Hibiscus Sabdariffa – Tastes as interesting as it looks!

At flame off, we included dried hibiscus flowers (Hibiscus sabdariffa) and used them like we would hops. The hibiscus is designed to lift the drinkability of the beer and add to the red hue provided by the Munich and Chocolate malts.

Huna Red on 6-point finings trial

We then secondary fermented pressed hibiscus flowers in our maturation tanks. To further bring up the blackberry aroma, we matured the beer for 14 days in conditioning tanks along with even more Motueka, Brambling Cross and Willamette – no expense spared!

If you like to be different and enjoy your beers a little maltier than our Blonde this is for you.

…watch this space for more adventurous recipes on the way


About Sunny Republic Brewing

Sunny Republic Brewing Company has one simple mission – harness the best the land has to offer, make great beer, live life to the best of our ability and then chill-out, preferably with a cold one.
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